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Dissolution of Marriage


If you are thinking about getting a divorce, or if you have been served with a petition for dissolution of marriage, you need to think about the long term as well as find solutions to immediate practical problems about who is going to live where, interim child support, or custody and timesharing (formerly called visitation) of the children. For dependable advice that addresses both your short-term needs and your long-range goals, contact Attorney Rhonda E. Parnell as your Orange County divorce attorney

Divorce can be the most difficult event in the adult lives of many people. At the Law Office of Rhonda E. Parnell, LLC, we provide steady legal guidance during this difficult time, and offer practical advice in legal issues related to divorce, such as:

At the Law Office of Rhonda E. Parnell, LLC we work closely with you so that you can develop a sense of what to expect during and following the divorce. We help you define your immediate concerns and objectives, and help you articulate your vision of what a successful long-range outcome might be for yourself, your children, and your extended family. At all times, we make sure that your goals are based on a realistic understanding of your rights and responsibilities under Florida law. Similarly, many of our clients find that their immediate concerns have relatively simple legal solutions.

We focus on negotiating a resolution that both parties can live with. In accordance with Florida state law, we refer clients to mediation and parenting classes required before trial. We can also refer clients to psychologists and counselors if necessary.

While most issues that come up in a Florida divorce can be worked out by agreement of the parties, when it is in our client’s best interest for a case to go to trial, Orlando attorney Rhonda Parnell is a forceful litigator. Whether preparing pleadings, presenting persuasive arguments at evidentiary hearings or before a judge during trial, Ms. Parnell will always be focused on presenting your best case.

If your case is completed and you need to modify a court order, we offer post-decree modifications involving timesharing, child custody and child support.

Attorney Parnell is also experienced with resolving the issues that can come up in military divorces or in dissolution of marriages where one spouse is a veteran with significant military retirement benefits.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced marriage dissolution lawyer, call 407-478-2970, or contact us online.   We represent clients throughout Central Florida including Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, and Osceola County.